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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Double Sided Reversible Table Runner

I promised my Mother-in-law a table runner for Christmas this year and I finished it just in time!

On one side it is Christmas fabrics arranged in stars following this tutorial by Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts.

I just did loopy quilting.  The white fabric has little white stars on.

I only had one charm pack, so had to adapt the way I made the stars a little bit from the tutorial.  I did cut them to the same size though so I have lots of little inch wide scraps!

Then on the other side I used a Harvest Moon charm pack and created this pattern, which was inspired by a quilt by Naomi. I chopped the squares in half then one side in half again.  Got lots of little bits left over so I can see me putting together some other bits over the coming months.

I have to say these wouldn't be my personal choice of colours (I let me MIL choose her own fabric for the non Christmas side) but I really liked the way it turned out.

I quilted with white thread on the Christmas side and a matching mustard colour on the other side. My quilting needs more practice, in many places I see sharp zig zags instead of nice curved loops and many occasions the stitch length is questionable.  But I have resolved to practice every day on scraps!!

I was so happy that I managed to get it lined up and neatly centralised on both sides  Binded it with a navy fabric that seemed to co-ordinate with both sides.

Thanks for taking a look.
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  1. Jo thanks for stopping by my blog, I love the table runner and what a great idea making it reversible, I have a table runner kit using the same fabric you used for the stars, I just didnt get around to making it for christmas!

  2. Hi Jo! Your table runner is so beautiful and what a great idea to make it turnable! Christmas time is so short but like this we can use it any time! x Teje

  3. Love that it is reversible. Great job. Found you through a blog link. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It turned out great. And I love that it is reversible. It makes it so practical.

  5. Wow! Never in a million years would it have occurred to me to make it completely reversible, that is so cool!


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