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Friday, February 21, 2014

Rainbow Paper Piecing Coming Together

Well I finished up the other three paper pieced blocks yesterday evening. And put it all together today. I ummed and aahed over whether to put it together like the tutorial or switch it up a bit. In the end I decided to walk my own walk and do it backwards lol!! So instead of creating a star, I made a hidden square!

Here it is without the black borders.  You can see how it was meant to look if you pop over to the tutorial at Add-Crafter

This was my first foray into paper piecing. I loved how perfect everything looks.  Buy I really hated tearing all that paper off the back lol!!

That's a lot of little bits!!

Now to decide on quilting. At first I thought I would do straight lines coming out from the centre just in the black sections. But then another idea popped into my head. When I first looked at the block it looked like one of those optical illusions with a rainbow square hiding behind the black cross (that reminds me of the Maltese cross). So I did wonder about quilting the rest of the cross in across the black cross to aide the illusion. Then continue quilting squares in the border. Now to decide whether to use plain black thread or variegated rainbow thread?  Any thoughts on colours or quilting appreciated...

In other news we have had a super busy week of school holidays with two fun trips added into the mix: Harry Potter World; and the Lion King Musical. Both were brilliant!

Just uploaded a Tour of my Craft Room if you'd like to sneak a peak:

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  1.!! Initially I thought variegated but if you use black, the quilting is still going to show and will not distract from the awesome paper piecing that you did :)

  2. Love that block! I've been paper piecing for a while and there are a couple things that help. Reduce your stitch size to perforate the paper better and I use blank newsprint instead of regular copy paper. It tears much easier and doesn't pull at the stitches as much. And finally, I work on paper removal while watching TV - it really breaks up the monotony. Love the block, it is beautiful!

  3. Looks lovely, I have an up/down relationship with paper piecing, I hate tearing the paper out too!

  4. very beautiful! I love rainbow color schemes! :)

  5. Pretty paper piecing - I am so nosy, I just love craft room tours - will be totally checking out yours!

  6. Wow, that looks amazing! Loving it against that black! I can't wait to see it all finished! I have just started getting into paper piecing----I am going to have to try this pattern out!

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
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