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The Crafty Nomad Has Moved
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Away for a while..

Hi folks I'm going to be away from blogging for a week or so.  So I have extended the deadline for the Rainbow challenge.  So far only one entry!  C'mon you can do better than that!!!! Haha.  I've a few completed prjects that haven't been blogged as I've been pretty busy! I might get onto scheduling some posts if time.  If not they'll be lots coming up over the coming weeks!!!

For now here is a pretty hair tie my daughter and I made together from one of her old dresses.  Here is the dress!!

And the pretty hairband.
 And the model of course!
I can't think where the tutorial for this was but if I find it I'll post a link.

See you in a week!


  1. Beautiful Jade. Yellow so suits you.

  2. Its beautiful share the tutorial ..would love to try my hand on it.


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