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The Crafty Nomad Has Moved
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shabby Chic Birdy Brooch ....

....added to the store.  Yep that's right I have decided to list other things in my online shops as well as the kids t-shirts.  I'm branching out so I thought I'd start off by adding this little birdy brooch.  There will be more brooches and headbands coming soon - I love making them!

Looks like momma bird is sitting in a little nest! Don't ya think?

Have a great day!

I'm sharing this little brooch on A Crafty Soiree, there are lots of other lovely projects to look at too, go on over and check it out. Thanks Katie!

Katie's Nesting Spot


  1. Oh how cute!!! It's perfect for me, the bird lover that I am. I can't get over how many pretty little details you added to it! You have quite an eye for layering and embellishing! Thanks for sending me the link and feel free to add it to the party this week - if you like. It's fine with me, so nice of you to ask first☺

  2. You do a great job on those brooches and haedbands. They all are lovely in their own way!


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