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The Crafty Nomad Has Moved
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Made It Friday Focus: Owls

Today's Friday Focus is on the new Owl Design I recently added to the shop.
When I was doing my search on Made It for lovely Owl items it became clear to me very quickly that I might have been a bit late in jumping on the 'Owl' bandwagon! Oh there was so much pretty owl cuteness out there - 25 pages on Made It to be precise!  It made it really hard to narrow it down! So you know that these are my absolute favourites!!

I know these little shops would love you to stop by and take a look at their wares!  Go on, make their day!


  1. Owls are just adorable aren't they. Love your bodysuit Jo! You are so kind to feature my owl pattern - thanks so much :)

  2. I know it's amazing how much owl themed stuff is out there at the moment! But they are so so cute and there are many great things to buy, including your little onesie! Thanks very much for including my owl hair clip holder in your featured article. It's really nice to hear that people appreciate my work, you have certainly made my day today, thank you. Suzi

  3. Thank you so much Jo! What a lovely discovery this morning. You made my day. I adore all of your choices, and am honoured to be included. I must confess to having my eye on a few of these items ;-)


  4. Hi Jo,
    I am the other half of Lilliput Loft (Jill's Mum)
    and thought I'd send a cheery hello and thankyou for including our item in your blog article. That is very kind of you to do so. I also have my own blog...just in case you want to drop by:

  5. Hi Jo,

    Thanks so much for including my items...really made my day:). Beautiful choices here. Thanks Again



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